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// Default styles for all elements.
margin 0
padding 0
border 0
outline 0
box-sizing inherit
font inherit
// This breaks accessibility, but is needed to ensure a consistent style.
// Make sure you add your own focus styles.
border 0
// Set root element to use border-box sizing,
// all sub-elements will inherit this property.
box-sizing border-box
// Make sure that textarea is resized vertically only
resize vertical
// Set default line height and font smoothing
line-height 1
-webkit-font-smoothing antialiased
-moz-osx-font-smoothing grayscale
// Without this, table borders aren't shown
border-collapse collapse
border-spacing 0
// Align these elements in the vertical center of the text flow
audio, canvas, img, video, input, select
vertical-align middle